Company Introduction

Wuhan 709PCB Technology Co. Ltd  is a professional PCB manufacturer. Established in 1962, It is a pioneer in developing multilayer PCB in China. The products are widely used in aviation, aeronautics, shipbuilding, computer, communication, instrument and apparatus, household appliances and other areas.


The company locates in Guandong Industrial Park of Wuhan city with an area of 13,000 square meters,  original value of capital assets is 80 million, Company has more than 40 sets ...

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Wuhan 709 PCB Technology CO.,Ltd.
Tel            : 86-27-87806867      
Sales Tel: 86-27-87805866
Fax           : 86-27-87802878 
Email       : [email protected]
Address  : No.1 Baihe Road, the Guandong Industrial Park, Wuhan, China
Zip code  : 430074

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